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Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2012 Watch Online Free Streaming | Downton Abbey A Journey to the Highlands

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2012 | Downton Abbey A Journey to the Highlands

Downton Abbey‘s Christmas special (and the conclusion of series 3) just finished airing in the U.K. It will be a long and possibly ungentlemanly wait until series 4, but in the meanwhile… what did you think of the special episode?

The time has come, Downton fanatics! Series 3 has officially concluded with the two-hour Downton Abbey Christmas special. All the tension (romantic and otherwise) has been resolved – or at least cut off in mid-swing, and leaves us hanging.

Not to worry, fans; our dear Downton Abbey will return to our screens in autumn of 2013. Not, er, such a terribly long wait.

Rumors have been flying thick and fast about the Christmas special almost since the series 3 finale aired in early November. Would Mary and Matthew cook up their sort-of-long-awaited heir? How do the staff adjust to Thomas’ rise from the jaws of disaster? Did Edith continue her work at the newspaper? What did Mrs. Patmore cook for all of those dinners?

The whispers grew especially foreboding when news (apparently) leaked that Dan Stevens (apparently) would not be returning to the role of Matthew in series 4. Would the character follow Jessica Brown-Findlay’s path and meet an unfortunate end, just as poor Sybil did? Or had showrunner Julian Fellowes stored another trick up his carefully-buttoned sleeve, to leave us reeling in another way?

Well, our speculation is now concluded, fellow fans, and we will have to wait until next year to see it all through to the end.